We suggest you how to choose the best apartment protection!

We suggest you how to choose the best apartment protection!

Everyone wants to live safely. It’s one of the most overriding values that matter when it comes to our happiness. Therefore we purchase new generation cars, that will provide the safety of a journey, including the collision circumstances. We equip our children with clothing with retro-reflective elements in order to keep them safe when they cross the streets on their way back home after dusk. We purchase the adjusted suspension harnesses and collars for the dogs, in order to prevent them from getting lost during the walk. As a family providers we buy the accident insurances to maintain the family’s financial well-being in case anything unfortunate would happen to us. We equip our apartment with the security doors to protect our belongings against the robbery and keep the members of household secure. Is it enough though? How to choose a good apartment protection?


The apartment can be safe!

It is a standard nowadays that we install the security doors in our apartments and houses. As statistics show more than 70% apartment break-ins are being conducted through the main door. The modern technology that’s on the robbers’ disposal is often very sophisticated nowadays. They often have a great knowledge and skills of breaking the standard door locks and it’s not a challenge for them at all. So, how to choose a good apartment protection? One should definitely take care of a proper and modern door lock.


The modern door locks

The modern door locks are characterised by the fact that there is no key needed to open them. They are being opened with a fingerprint, the magnetic card or a combination code. It’s very easy to lose or copy the key. The fingerprint, on the other hand, is unique. Also - the card or a code can both be reset if someone unauthorised access them. The modern Adellock door locks are being constantly improved and thus the producer provides the most up-to-date solutions that are very complicated for the robbers. Therefore the Adellock door locks keep our home and family members safe. Adellocks door locks apply in the offices and facilities of different kinds for their solid construction and effectiveness. We hope you

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