Safety is the most important issue

Safety is the most important issue

Security at home is really important, especially in recent decades. Back in the '70s, locking the house was not popular in cities. In the villages, in turn, even a few years ago people used to leave their houses unlocked. These days every house or apartment is secured with at least one lock in the front door. Often, we also can find bars in the windows, intercoms, cameras and alarm systems installed on whole estates - all in order to secure homes and people.


Home security tips

We can find thousands of home security products on the market, each of them can secure not only our house itself, but the whole neighbourhood. Just imagine the following situation: the burglars come to the estate with the intention to rob several houses. Is the first house which they are trying to rob secured with an alarm which goes off and the camera records their faces and car license plates, it is quite possible that the thieves will not only give up the robbery, but they will also be quickly caught by the police. 

We prepared especially for you a few home security tips, not only to protect your house from intruders but to increase the safety of all residents in the neighborhood.


Hidden cameras

CCTV cameras purchased in a home security store are perfect for monitoring home, garden or driveway. Many thieves get scared off by the plain sight of a camera hanging on the building. However, it is good to invest in several cameras - visible and hidden. In the case a visible camera gets destroyed by the thieves, the hidden one still records the whole situation. This is one of the most popular home security tips.


Dummy cameras

As we mentioned in the first point, it is worth buying several types of cameras. However, the dummy cameras, which are cheap and look real are worth trying. Buying a few dummy cameras and placing them in visible places will keep thieves away. The more insolent thieves who even dare to destroy the visible dummy cameras will have no idea that they have destroyed cheap fakes. During this time, hidden cameras will do the job.


Alarm system with notification

An alarm system is one of the most popular methods of protection against thieves. You can buy alarms which are sensitive to movement or those which guard the entry to the house. It is worth investing in such an alarm system, which not only has a loud sound alarm, but also sends notifications on smartphones.


Good door lock

Another home security tip is certainly installing a robust lock at the entrance door, garage door, garden doors and even in the windows. Currently, there are stores which offer their clients a full range of locks: magnetic locks, PIN locks, biometric locks and classic anti-burglary locks with a unique key. Locks with security features such as a fingerprint scanner can't be picked.


Encouraging neighbors to secure their homes

A very important home security tip is encouraging neighbors to purchase home security systems. Each secured house significantly increases the security of the entire housing area as well as the whole city. All products related to home security should be bought in proven, certified stores which sell good quality products.

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